What currency are the product prices?

For our international buyers, all our products are in US Dollars.  We use the PayPal payment gateway which may offer conversion to your local currency for some users, depending on the country.

What’s your Refund Policy?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all our products and will honour all request for a full refund submitted within 14 days of purchase.  We will never decline your request within that period if you are not fully satisfied, though, our only condition is for you to give us specific feedback, that you may work with us to improve how our product(s) may serve you.

Why does my audio seems to be in interrupted while playing?

For some devices, including iPhones and other mobile devices, the default action when clicking on the download link would be to commence playing an audio track.  As such, your device may be streaming the audio track and not downloading the audio file.  While this may work fine on a wide variety of devices, some devices may experience audio interruptions.  We do recommend that you first download the files that you have purchased to your device, to play them without any of the interruptions that may occur when streaming.   Unlike regular audio, you really wouldn’t want to be interrupted in your hypnosis sessions!

Other Questions?

Please contact us using the Contact page on the menu above and we would be most pleased to assist.  Thank you.