MTT or Music That Teleports is a modern approach to Guide Assisted Therapies. You will find this product different to anything you have ever heard in this Genre before. Below are the reasons for that departure from the norm. As we study the brain it seems to be teaching us that there are things it prefers about sound more than others. In the areas of NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, in hypnotherapy and other suggestive state therapies this is certainly the case.


It seems there is a step-by-step process that brings an individual to a place where he/she is ready for the so called subconscious or ‘super-self’ to be spoken to. Putting it another way, before we truly believe something that changes our actual behaviour there are certain things that need to be unlocked in us at a level or depth that is below our conscious mind. Components of our inner world that have a huge part in the final say of whether we buy that chocolate bar we have been repeatedly told we would be better off without but we still really want haha.

None of us were there when the first human being began breathing, but however we came to exist as human beings, composed as we presently are, it seems that ‘believing’ is at the most foundational levels of what our ‘Being’ seems to be purposed for.


“What works works” is a truism Tony believes in. This product is more about helping you than anything else, so as the guy who writes the music I’m going to try and explain some things to you. I am assuming you really want to understand how this works, but I will also assume that you do not want me to use too many big words, I hope that’s ok? We have all had experiences with people who talk big about music only to find they cannot play an instrument.

From my own experience big words are often used to bamboozle people, to make them feel like they don’t know much of anything about a subject. There is an audio phenomena referred to as ‘Binaural’. What does it mean exactly?


Almost any CD you’ve owned or listened to was ‘binaural’, pretty well every movie you’ve ever watched  and most of the experiences you’ve had at a theatre or for that matter, near a waterfall were binaural. Binaural is relating to or involving both ears. Human hearing is binaural. When it’s used the word Binaural is often relating to sound recorded using two microphones usually transmitted separately to the two ears of the listener. To be honest you’ve had a Binaural experience pretty well every hit song you have ever listened to. So let’s not confuse ourselves by using big words. I remember when I came to Australia this guy said to me “It is inexpedient to enumerate the juvenile progeny of the domestic ornithology prior to the period of incubation.” When I heard him say that I didn’t know what he was talking about, so I asked him. He replied “It means don’t count your chickens before they hatch!” So I’d like to explain a few things from my point of view as a listener, as a musician, as a creative producer and as someone who has always been deeply affected by sound, particularly music. Forget all the technical jargon, all it often does is apply paint to an already beautiful Antique piece of furniture.

Binaural has got to do with space. It’s about you and the world around you. Actually the word binaural is a primitive description of it. On average we have 10,000 taste receptors on out tongue and we have 100 billion brain cells in our brain, our ears are no different, they are intelligent taste testers, brilliant decision makers, and gifted at all things sound. As independent beings we navigate through our worlds with them.


I have used the synthesiser quite a lot in these products. I’ve gone to some trouble to find synthesisers that make sounds that I have ‘experienced’ more than heard. Eric Persing from Spectrasonics was the first sound specialist I ever heard producing hi end commercial sample products that had the same effect on me as Pink Floyds Echoes did so many years ago. I have followed Eric for some 30 years now and I use pretty well everything he has developed. He worked for Roland corporation and was personally responsible for many of the most influential synthesisers in yesterdays and today’s most popular music productions.

Among other synths, there is ‘Waldorf ‘ a German group that made a name for the integrity and diversity of their wave tables. I own a variety of their products. I could go on with a list of gear I love, but the centre of every decision I make is its ‘sound.’ You see the synthesiser is quite a phenomenon, they are possibly the truest interface between analogue and digital sound. In the synthesiser, sound is created from the purest wave forms available in the universe. Made and then modulated or affected by a variety of assistants that are laid out or packaged in different ways by the different manufacturers out there. The wavetable by Waldorf is one such assistant.

The purity of true synthesis supports the entry and sustained holding of the mind during the stages of a guided therapy session. It acts as a kind of container that surrounds and supports the brains releasing of those things that it only allows when it feels safe. I’ve experienced this so many hundreds of times now, and am personally a big believer in the use of the true synthesiser for this purpose. We have all heard somewhere that the ego is something we need to deal with, but then in the same breath we could flaunt big words to help talk you into buying our product. The chances are high that you have heard about this product from somebody who enjoyed it and benefited from it, so I am going to limit my production comments to practical explanations more than tech jargon.


Just in sleep alone, I have found a deeper place in sleep-states than I remember ever having before. When I began using crafted synthesis, through a set of good comfortable earphones, my own sleep cycle changed.

Before we can teleport, or ‘go somewhere’ the conscious mind needs to be tricked into resting. It seems we can’t help ourselves we just have to follow that violin or that drum beat. So you will find disparate elements, a rhythm in your right ear may be very different to a rhythm in your left ear, a sequence of arpeggiated notes may be totally different in both ears. A musical phrase may not resolve normally, that’s fine, don’t worry it’s all meant to be that way. After a bit of this cat and mousing, the mind gives up and rests.


Any sonic texture heard at any time will not remain constant for long, there is a continual morphing of tones to help the subconscious enter the states it needs to pass through. There is a phenomena called constant sensing depletion. Try it, put your index finger lightly on your opposite forearm. Feel it there? Give it a few moments and that sensing of that index finger will begin to disappear.


Creating the best background for you to benefit from these therapies is a balance of keeping your mind active so it cannot follow its own rabbit trails, and making sure your mind does not hold you captive either. Most hypnotherapy products are unnecessarily repetitive and simplistic for the modern among us, most of us were not raised in India Tibet or China. Some of us like our music a certain way. We have done our utmost to bring you something you will both benefit from as a guided therapy and enjoy as a musical event.


These products are designed for children from the start to the finish. The audio environment they are all baked in is created to support this direction exclusively.


It all begins with a bit of a shabang and then a friendly robotic voice introduces Tony to the listener. We chose a robotic voice in place of a real voice because of the level of gamers out there. We did not want to create an adults perspective children programme but something a child would instinctively connect with. Depending on the nature of the particular guided therapy, the audio background will support Tony fairly gently at the beginning with a generic sound texture sitting in the atmosphere to establish a kind of peace to start with. There are exceptions to that as in Bravery, a Space Adventure, where the intro has a shred guitar scream across the panorama, but that story is all about adventure and excitement, so it fits.


Every movement from count downs to Tony’s suggestions are followed with audio material that supports the story. The product is like a 3D book in that regard, acoustic not visual and yet highly visual by engaging the imagination.

As the story closes and the child is left in a state of flux between the world he/she has so enjoyed and their normal life they are met with a good solid 10 to 15 minutes of sonic imagery, a journey to help them re enter their normal life.


There is a child in every adult, and many comments have come back from parents who have enjoyed the journeys themselves. Maybe you will be one of our future happy customers?